What is service-based learning?

Service-based learning is an educational approach that combines classroom work with real-life experience in serving the community.  This "experiential learning" process helps children personally discover how the educational, emotional and psychological benefits of their individual and collective efforts can boost their own sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

The We Can Project takes service-based learning a step further, helping children realize that their own dreams and goals can be not only worthwhile but also possible.  At The We Can Project, we strongly believe that creating personal goals, and goals for the community helps children realize that dreams can come true, and can feel great at the same time!

The We Can Project is not just for children.  Both parents and teachers can take advantage of the We Can Project principles and tools to help them achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

Benefits oF Service-Based Learning:

For Kids

  • become passionate about working on a project for themselves and for their community

  • learn to ask for things, including help from others

  • realize they can accomplish amazing things even when they're nervous or afraid, or worried that they're too young


  • are excited to see the children involved in something meaningful

  • can partner with the children to accomplish individual and community-based goals


   Student Artwork based on the song "We Can"


Student Artwork based on the song "We Can"